Project general objective:

• Assistance for the Roma survivors so that they be granted all their legal rights (social services and combating inequalities), alongside promoting tolerance.

Project specific objectives:

• Identification of 100 Roma survivors whom we inform about their legal rights and we help get their pensions and their respective rights (see Law 189/2000: http://www.legex.ro/Legea-189-2000-21669.aspx), making the connection between the applicants, archives, houses of pensions, town halls.
• Improvement of their living conditions and implicitly improvement of their perception on the local scale.
• Audio/video testimonies - which will be archived and exploited for educational purposes. It won’t be possible for us to interview all the survivors. Some of them are ill, others are reluctant or may not remember the deportations (if they were toddlers during the war), consequently they won’t be interviewed. Notwithstanding we’ll attempt to interview as many survivors as possible. We estimate the total number of interviews will be around 60.
• DDissemination of good practice, offering expertise to informal leaders, NGOs and local authorities, so that they all know how to deal with the survivors that, for objective reasons, won’t have been assisted by us.
• Publication on a regular basis on our project website of all the details about the project, the situation of beneficiaries, the trainings and, concerning the project coverage, the press review and other means of promoting our project.

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