Sending the File

Sending the File


Once the application is completed, it must be sent by mail to one of the three pension offices in Germany that specialize in processing these ghetto pensions. They are located in:

Berlin: Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, Abteilung Internationale Aufgaben und Beratungsdienst, Ruhrstrasse. 2, 10704 Berlin, Germania
Würzburg: Deutsche Rentenversicherung Nordbayern, Referat Rechtlicher Grundsatz, Fachbereich 60/2071, Friedenstr. 14, 97072, Würzburg, Germania
Bochum: Deutsche Rentenversicherung, Knappschaft-Bahn-See, Dezernat II.3 - Grundsatz Ausland, Pieperstraße 14-28, D- 44789 Bochum, Germania

It takes a relatively long time to process the files, at least a few months. In the meantime, the German pension offices check the documents, translate the affidavits, verify the accuracy of the information submitted, request additional information from other authorities that have granted compensation in the past, contact the pension offices in Romania to verify that the duration of social security contributions has been respected, contact some historians to make sure that the ghettos actually existed during the period mentioned by the survivor, and so on.

Applicants receive an insurance number from the German pension office that processes the file. If the Roma applicant needs additional information, heor she can contact the German pension office, but must always provide the insurance number, which allows for quick identification of the person. The pension office can contact the survivor by mail or email if the German case workers think they need more information because some documents are missing from the file.

There is no fixed amount. The pension is calculated according to age, type of work done in Transnistria, time spent in the ghetto, etc. If the pension is approved for work in the ghetto, it is paid retroactively for several years. After updating, the pension is paid normally every month until the death of the survivor. your social media marketing partner
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