Steps to follow

Steps to follow


If they do not benefit from the law 189/2000, the Roma survivors have to be helped to obtain their rights. The authority which grants the allowance for the people who were deported is the House of Pensions where the survivor lives. (http:/

The dossier the survivors submit to the House of Pensions has to contain the following files:

    • A dossier envelope;
    • A written application in which the person should briefly mention the persecution and the period of deportation (the model can be downloaded here). If a descendant allowance is requested by the widower/widow of a person who was deported, the model for the application can be downloaded here;
    • Xerox copies of files as: card of identity/birth certificate, marriage certificate or death certificate (in the case of a descendant allowance for the widower/widow of an ex-deportee). When you submit the dossier you must have the original documents with you;
    • Documents which prove that the applicant was a person deported, these may be:
      • Documents from the national or local archives (from where they were deported). How to find the central and regional archives you find here. If you don’t have such a document, ask from the archives an excerpt which proves that you were deported. Such a model for a request from the archives you find here. On the basis of these requests, the archives searches for information about the persons who were deported and, if they identify them, they can give a legal excerpt who states that the claimant was deported. This document (which costs 45 lei, and can be paid by us, from the project) will be included in the allowance dossier who will go to the House of Pensions to which claimant belongs;
      • Documents from the Red Cross;
      • In the absence of the documents mentioned above, notarial statements of witnesses who can confirm that the claimer was deported and the period of deportation (necessary for the sum of the allowance) are also accepted. It’s preferable that these witnesses are already beneficiaries of the law 189/2000. You can find a model for the notarial statement here;
      • Some Houses of Pensions also accept copies of the documents which show that the claimer, who was deported in Transnistria, has benefited already from other compensations:
        • Notice from the “Impreuna" Agency that the survivor was found in the German archives and will receive as a humanitarian help the sum of 1000 mark (511 euro). If you don’t have such a notice anymore (it was mostly received in 2001), you can ask the “Impreuna" Agency to send you a copy of such a notice. Your request should contain your NAME and your PERSONAL SERIAL NUMBER. You can find the “Impreuna" Agency here: ./Fax:+40-, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
        • Copies of the checks from OIM (International Organization for Migration)/Geneva which shows that they have received euro (1200 euro etc.).

When you submit the dossier for the allowance, the clerks from the House of Pensions will give you a serial number with the date of the submission and the phone number of the institution. Keep that and concern yourself with what happens with your dossier. When the dossier is approved, you will receive The House of Pensions Decision. It is very important to keep all these documents. You can use them to prove to other authorities that you are beneficiaries of the Law 189/2000 and so you can also receive the other rights stated by this law, as:

  • Urban transportation free of charge with the means of common transport belonging to the state;
  • a ticket a year, free of charge, for treatment in a resort (a model for the form you can find here);
  • burial place, free of charge, at request (a model for the form you can find here);
  • other facilities;
  • if you wish to make a statement as a witness for another survivor, your statement will not be considered if you do not prove that you are a deportee yourself (a proof for that can be also the Decision from the House of Pensions);
  • the decision of the House of Pensions that you are a beneficiary of the law 189/2000 is also accepted as a proof of deportation by the German authorities when you want to request a German allowance also.

However, if you have lost the Decision of the House of Pensions and you find it difficult to claim your other rights, you should contact the local House of Pensions (from where you live) and ask then to give you some copies after the lost documents. A model for such a request you can find here. After you fill in that form, you can send it to the House of Pensions via mail or e-mail. For you to be quickly identified, it is necessary that in the request you make for the House of Pensions you write down your personal serial number (CNP) and the number of the dossier of your allowance (you find that on your allowance (pension) coupon.

If the House of Pensions refuses your application, we suggest you to request a written answer from the House of Pensions and try to contact us as soon as possible.

If other authorities also refuse or delay to grant you the rights stated by the law 189/2000, please contact us immediately. your social media marketing partner
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