About us

About us


The Centre for Community Resources was established in 2009 by six young idealist people wishing to help the physically impaired and the less fortunate people through projects and voluntary work in social work, education, interculturality and ecology.

The association has implemented two youth exchange projects and a training - all of them with the financial support of the Youth In Action Program of the European Commission. The Center for Community Resources was partner in a youth exchange project in FYR Macedonia, its members took part in international training programs concerning youth and social work and were involved in community support.

A first project was implemented in 2010. The project R20;A big stage for many small people" in partnership with TransRiver Association from Germany gave the chance for a group of 24 young people from Romania and Germany to express their personality, ideas, concerns and artistical perspective through sceneplays. http://crc-cluj.org/2011/11/20/big-stage

Between 26 June and 2 July the Centre implemented the project R20;Meet Different Cultures for Mutual Benefit" in Romania, in partnership with Wirtschaftakademie Schleswig-Holstein from Germany and Ajuntamento de Pilas from Spain. http://crc-cluj.org/2011/07/24/meet-cultures-mutual-benefit

The project continued based on the same partnership in Germany between 28 December and 5 January 2012 through youth participation and participation of the project team in the activities organized by our partners from the R20;Different cultures-same problems- Youth unemployment in comparison"project, also financed by the European Commission through the Youth In Action program. The project aimed to raise awareness of the benefits of volunteering (contacts with youth from other cultural environments) and team work are bringing for their personal and professional development as well as to the development of the society in general. The project targeted 29 underpriviledged youth residing aged between 16 and 26 years old, residing in the rural areas of the three participating countries.

Between 21 and 28 august 2011 our association actively coordinated the activities of the R20;C.A.R.E. close, aware, responsable, engaged together" project, also financed by the European Commission through the Youth In Action program, Action 3.1.b. Network building. The cooperation with EU neighbors. The project took place in partnership with fourteen countries (seven from the European Union and seven from outside it, respectively Albania, Armenia, Estonia, France, Georgia, Greece, FYR Macedonia, Republic of Molodova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine) and consisted in a training regarding volunteering, directed towards 34 participants. http://crc-cluj.org/2011/11/28/c-a-r-e-trough-volunteering-close-aware-responsible-engaged

As follow-up to the Labyrintheme project (ran by the University of Bucharest, Romania, Balike#1;ir University, Turkey, Manchester Museum, United Kingdom, and three providers of adult education - BIVEDA, Bulgaria, ONAGEB.SPAIN, Spain, Epsilon III Association, Romania - with the support of the European Commission through the Lifelong learning/Grundtvig) program - project that targets the development of the attractivity of the museums and of other institutions in charge of the administration of the historical and cultural heritage as spaces of learning and intercultural dialogue, promoting a more substantial involvement of the general public and of the community where they are located, through alternative methods of participative art, especially participative sceneplays. In their educational approach, the Association has organized in January 2013 a workshop dedicated to the concept of labyritnth sceneplays that ended with a sensorial poetry show, at the Samsara Tea House in Cluj Napoca and with two labyrinth sceneplays at the Ethnographic Museum in Cluj Napoca.

Between 20.11.2012 and 20.01.2013 the Centre was partner of the R20;Giving from heart" project of the Cluj Prefecture, Vlădeasa Technological High School of Huedin, Huedin City Hall. The project targeted the children under care at the Oncological Inistitute Ioan Chiricu#5;ă Cluj, Huedin City Hospital, and Children Psychiatric Hospital Cluj, for which we organized a showplay showcasting Christmas customs, organized with a fundrising for the children.

In December 2012 the Centre initiated, with the help of the photographer Edmund Kreibik, a fundraising for the less fortunate community of Pata Rât, Cluj Napoca R20;People from the margin of the society". http://crc-cluj.org/category/projects

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