Beneficiaries: the Roma survivors will be assisted to benefit from the rights provided by law 189/2000. We cannot establish the exact number of survivors, because there are no databases. Based on our research for the last 3 years we estimate there will be 100 direct beneficiaries, but there are chances we find more. However, given their old age, the final number will depend on the rapidity of the project implementation. With respect to the law 189/2000, the number of direct beneficiaries (Roma people who will benefit from these provisions due to our project) will be 100 persons.

Concerning Ghettorentengesetz, we are more reserved, as the conditions of the German law are more restrictive: only those who worked in Transnistria are eligible (so now they must be very old), that means the possible beneficiaries are quite few (especially because of lower life expectancy among the Roma). Therefore we cannot estimate now the Ghettorentengesetz beneficiaries. Their final number will depend on the speed with which our project will be implemented. your social media marketing partner
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