Railway Facilities

Facilities for the beneficiaries of Law no. 189/2000

Law no.189/2000 that provides rights for the persons persecuted by the Romanian regimes from the 6th of September 1940 to the 6th of March on ethnic grounds stipulates that the beneficiaries of the law will be granted 6 free round journeys by train, per year, using any category of Romanian state railways, 1st class. These persons may be accompanied, using thus the trip tickets received by the holder. The attendant will travel using the holder-ticket, on the condition of accompanying the holder.
The railway journey takes place only by means of the travel coupon obtained with the special tickets that are nominal, intransmissible and annual. The special travel coupon consists of the coupon pad, six removable coupons/tickets, six removable annexed-tickets, counting for six simple journeys, id est three railway round trips.
The annexed-tickets will be used only for railway transport, in the case the journey may continue with a superior class train or superior reservation.
The journey in the sleeping car or on any route other than the one written on the special coupon will be possible only by paying all the necessary differences.
Losing or damaging the special travel coupon will entail the impossibility to use the free trips.
The ticket inspector on the train will require the identity card and the special travel coupon. The beneficiary of the free trips will have to hand in the pension slip of the month when the special travel coupon is issued.
The free special railway travel coupons are issued and distributed by the National Pension Fund or local pension funds, together with the monthly payment [of pension?] and the compensations granted in compliance with Law 189/2000. http://www.cfrcalatori.ro/5123
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