August 2014: Field research in Giurgiu, Dolj and Mureș counties




August 2014: Field research in Giurgiu, Dolj and Mureș counties

August 2014: Field research in Giurgiu, Dolj and Mureș counties: - Bolintin Vale (Giurgiu county) - Cerăt, Poiana Mare, Băilești, Podari (Dolj county) - Adămuș (Mureș county). This time, many of us were mobilized. Two teams made parallel field research: Petre Matei&Ion Gnatiuc, Mihai Leaha&Adrian Crișan. 29 Roma survivors were identified and interviewed.

About the project:
@ Roma Survivors of Deportations to Transnistria - Social Services, Combating Inequality, Promoting Tolerance and Multicultural Understanding

Project implemented by the Community Resource Center
- University of Bucharest, Faculty of Political Sciences
- National School of Administrative and Political Sciences
- Association of Romanian Jews Victims of the Holocaust
- Porojan Association
Project funded by the NGO Fund in Romania, Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014.
Operator: Foundation for the Development of Civil Society (FDSC)

The project provides specialized assistance for approximately 100 survivors of the deportations to Transnistria to receive their rights granted by:
- Law 189/2000 (Government Ordinance for establishing rights for victims of the oppressive regimes in Romania from 6 September 1940 to 6 March 1945 on ethnic grounds: monthly alimony, medical care and medical supplies, free transportation, spa and wellness treatments, tax exemption for radio, tv and telephone, free resting place.
- Ghettorentengesetz: monthly alimony given by the German state for those who worked in Nazi ghettos and concentration camps.
The project also includes creating an audio-video archive with interviews of the survivors, to be used for educational purposes (to raise awareness of the suffering endured by the deported Roma, thereby promoting tolerance towards them in general).

Project manager: Petre Matei
Assistant project manager: Irina Nastasă-Matei
Volunteers: Laura Alicu, Teodora Maria Daghie, Mihai Leaha, Alexandra Popescu, Ioana Corujan, Ion Gnatiuc, Andrei Crişan
Experts: Emanuela Ignăţoiu-Sora, George Valentin Roman, Arinda Crăciun, Anca Dohotariu, Brînduşa Nicolaescu, Dinu Guţu
Accountant: Maria Prodănel your social media marketing partner
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